Employment Opportunities at Highgate Residence Ancaster - Janitor

Housekeeping - Janitor

Job Description


  • leaning all floors in suite, hallways, washrooms, shower room, servery, etc and emptying all garbage and recycling bins
  • Cleaning front hall/elevator carpets, floor in café, front entrance, hair salon, and activity room
  • Spot cleaning of carpets
  • Changing of lightbulbs, unclogging toilets, and small maintenance jobs
  • Help in serving dinner
  • Maintaining all outdoor patio areas (ie. sweeping patio, cleaning furniture)
  • Cleaning of multi-sensory room before shift ends
  • Cleaning of public washrooms before supper, after supper and before shift ends, and as needed
  • Dusting and cleaning of the floor in lounge areas and staircases daily
  • Manage and participate in grounds keeping during all seasons
  • Learn and practice proper infection control procedures


  • Minimum Grade 10 education
  • The ability to read, write and comfortably communicate in English
  • No allergies to cleaning chemicals
  • Able to use cleaning chemicals, appropriately and safely
  • Able to perform physical work and work as a team player
  • The ability to obtain a valid police check

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