Care Floor & Memory Lane at Highgate Residence
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Health Services Information for our Care Floors

At Highgate Residence you will always get the intimate personal touch from our healthcare professionals who you can trust and who will act on your behalf. When need arises, we liaison with families, physicians, LHIN and hospital staff.

Our Nurses and Personal Support “Workers have extensive experience providing care for seniors who have a variety of illnesses, including: Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Diabetes, Heart problems, Arthritis, Cancer Care and Osteoporosis.

Our Basic Care Service on the Care Floors included in the monthly fee: 

  • Emergency Response System

  • Bathing assistance- twice weekly

  • Assistance with dressing (up to 30 minutes/day)

  • Special dietary needs met and supervised

  • Supervision of oxygen therapy

  • Monthly monitoring of weights and blood pressure

  • Annual Flu shot clinic (flu shot is mandatory)

  • Daily interaction with residents to monitor general well being and attendance at meals

  • Co-ordination of Doctors & Specialists

  •  Wound Care/Wound dressing

  • Palliative Care if needs can  be met at Highgate Residence as assessed  by Health Services Manager

  • 24/7 nursing staff

  • 7 day/week Life enrichment staff trained to incorporate individual and group structured activities ie: Music therapy, Reminiscent therapy, crafts 

  • Individualized care plans

Additional Basic Care Service on Memory Lane included in the monthly fee:

Specific focused attention towards the Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Capability, Environmental  and Social well being of our residents is our goal. 

  • 24/7 nursing staff trained to supervise residents using the Gentle Persuasive Approach techniques adapted from the P.I.E.C.E.S. program with a minimum staff to resident ratio of 2-17

  • Frequent interactions with residents in order to provide a safe, relaxed and dignified atmosphere where residents are accepted as they are in the moment

  • Intimate environment easily navigated with circular walking path

  • Weather permitted supervised outdoor walks to enjoy the scenic property

  • Activity centres/stations providing individualized activities of interest 

Medication & Treatment Supervision

  • Our nursing staff administers all medications including insulin and injectables. Medication will be ordered and packaged in a manner consistent with facility guidelines* for safe administration as approved by the RHRA.

*Please note that associated pharmacy costs are the responsibility of the resident/responsible parties. 

If enhanced care service is needed or desired, available options will be discussed with the Administrator and the Health Services Manager.

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