Highgate Residence of Ancaster is committed to our residence!

About Highgate Residence of Ancaster

The most beautiful building in the world can be a cold, lonely place without the warmth and laughter of those with whom we share a major portion of our daily life. "Family Caring" is our motto. 


Highgate Residence is committed to:

Earning and keeping the respect and confidence of seniors, their families and the community of Ancaster;
Providing quality accommodation and a supportive lifestyle, in a clean, safe and pleasant environment;
Respecting each resident's right to secure, quiet enjoyment of their home;
Providing a friendly, home-like environment for our residents, which is welcoming to visitors, families and other members of the community;
Assisting each resident to maintain independence and lifestyle choices;
Helping residents to maintain contact with their friends, neighbours, churches, professionals and other services
Ensuring the continuation of residents' spiritual needs
Involving the home and its' residents in activities of the community;
Selecting and training employees who bring skills and professional experience, and who take pleasure and pride in working with seniors;
Ensuring that volunteers and staff have opportunities to grow with us to make retirement living ever more enjoyable.

Our Community

Our staff is always available to give a helping hand or willing to share a smile. Their attitude and commitment transform a building into "Our Community".

The Administrator is here to help you. Please visit the Administrator's office anytime with your requests or to discuss any concerns you may have.

The Health Services Manager is available to help you with your medical needs and to assist you with any concerns that might arise.

The Life Enrichment Coordinator helps to create a variety of social events that will enrich your daily living.

The Dining Services Manager is responsible for providing you with tasty, homemade meals served in an appealing manner in a pleasant and clean dining setting.

All the Staff members of Our Community are always available to assist you with any concerns you may have.

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